“Are you having trouble collecting high-quality training data for your AI?”

The performance of an artificial intelligence system depends on the quality of the training dataset but collecting well-labeled data is a real challenge. Global Walkers are expert on AI/ML system development. We provide the best support and tools to collect and enrich the data you need, quickly and efficiently as possible.


Training Data Preparation Service provides end-to-end support on preparing the training data, from data collection to data annotation, so that you have the dataset tailored to your specific requirements all ready to be used.


We will annotate the data needed to train the AI (machine learning, deep learning) model for you. Training Data Preparation Service supports labeling on various formats from image, video, text, and audio.


Group and categorize video and image data.

Object and text recognition

Draw bounding box around specified objects (or texts) and tag their classes.

Semantic segmentation

Assign each pixel of a given image with the corresponding object class.

Pose estimation

Label key point to joints of the body for each person or animal appearing in an image or a video.

2.Data collection and synthesis

We combine human-generation with machine-automation to maximize efficiency in collecting high-quality data. For image and text, we have the tool to automatically crawl the Internet to gather a large set of data. For the data that cannot be found on the web, we can synthesize using the-state-of-the-art computer graphics and image processing techniques. Our service supports audio data as well. We can collect audio clips of a specific situation you require and make a transcript of it if necessary.

3.Data management by Business Process Outsourcing

AI system needs to continuously learn and adopt to the task even after it has been deployed. For that, it is important to collect new training data and re-train the model at a certain time span.
Our service can help gather and enrich the dataset as you run the AI system. We can also detect a false annotation causing a drop in the accuracy and correct it.

Why us

Team of workers specialized in annotation.

We have a team of professional annotators. Every annotator has good experiences in annotation work and they get the job done quickly and precisely. For data synthesis, we have specialists in computer graphics and photoshops. Global walkers can provide the exact support and skills you need.

Wide range of experiences in developing Machine Learning system.

Global Walkers are expert on Machine Learning and we have wide range of experiences in developing AI and ML systems. You can consult with our experts on any questions you may have such as the appropriate size of the training dataset for your AI or how to gather quality data for the system.

Strong security.

“Training Data Preparation Service” uses an annotation tool that has been specifically developed to ensure secure data management. Specifically, we store the data on the cloud with encryption and all the annotation work will be done online. Data will never be downloaded locally to annotator’s computer. Provided data will never be shared with other clients and will be deleted with verification once the annotation task is complete.

※ If your company owns a private annotation tool and cannot use ours, we can still provide the annotators. The annotator can use the company’s environment by setting up a VPN.

Use cases

Image association with categories.

Bone annotation on people in videos.

Text recognition from receipts.

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the task but we are experienced in gathering a large set of data in a short time. Please contact us.
Our annotation tool encrypts the provided data for security. We can also mask parts of the data where you wish to be remain hidden before the annotation task begins. There are many options so please contact us for more details.
Yes. There is no restriction on the size of the data for annotation. Please contact us for pricing.


Please feel free to contact us. We can send the fee estimation for free.
We aim to respond within a few business days.

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